Career Development

Likana Safaris Uganda Provides Equal Opportunity to all Applicants regardless of gender, Religion, Race and Background.
We offers professional opportunities for career growth and advancement in personal skills set and ambitions.
Our training and job rotation programmes provide a well-structured pathway that promotes all round professional development for career growth especially in sustainable tourism.
We are committed to cultivating and maintaining an innovation-driven environment ideal for young professionals

Likana Safaris Uganda Learning Centre

Likana Safaris Uganda recognizes the importance of leveraging a highly skilled workforce to achieve its strategic and operational goals. We are committed to providing an environment that is conducive for effective performance by availing all staff the necessary learning opportunities.

Our Courses

Our courses are designed to integrate new hires and empower existing employees. The on-boarding process caters for the new hires through our robust orientation program while existing employees are trained on various professional and function specific courses.

Our Work Ethics

Likana Safaris Uganda prides herself on the strong work ethics of her staff who are diligent, reliable, hardworking and committed to the continuous growth and success of the organization. We value the well-being of our staff and we encourage them to strike a balance between their work and personal lives, thereby creating a healthy atmosphere for personal development and career success.
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