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Visa In Rwanda

Rwanda has 1 major airport, Kigali International Airport which serves Kigali, and a number of small national airports

A passport is required to travel to and must be valid for 6 months after the intended length of stay. You need a visa to enter Rwanda. You can get a visa upon arrival without prior application at a fee of USD 30 pp.

For the guidelines that apply with regard to corona to enter the country please check with your government since the restrictions regarding negative test and quarantine are different for every country and change all the time. 

Best time to travel

Rwanda can be visited throughout the year but the best time is during the dry months from June to September, and December to March.


US dollars are accepted in large cities, although smaller shops only accept local currency. International credit cards, Visa, and Mastercard are accepted in hotels and lodges. 

Photographing in Rwanda

You can take beautiful pictures in Rwanda even with your mobile. If you want to come home with great photos, you will need a camera with a zoom range at least ten times greater than a standard compact camera, or a 400mm lens on an SLR camera. Also, make sure to carry sufficient memory cards and batteries.

Please ask permission before taking a photograph of any resident.


The official languages in Rwanda are Kinyarwanda, French, and English. English is mostly used in large cities and in popular tourist destinations.

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